Letter of Introduction

50 Manhattan Ave,
New York, NY 10025
September 7, 2022
Professor Susan Delmare
160 Convent Ave,
New York, NY 10031

Dear Professor Susan Delmare:

My name is Truthful Ward and I try my best daily to live up to my name as much as possible as I believe a name like mine is given for a purpose. Some of the ways I live up to my name is by being honest about the things I do that can go for work, studying, sports and even simple communication. This along with my upbringing being raised in a Southern household in North Carolina for half of my life with strong core values like integrity, edicatate and the idea of getting things on your own, I believe instilled in me a strong moral compass that translates into everything I do. I value hard work above all else as a Biomedical engineering major and as a person in general. As far as my major though I think it is great to have this mentality as it is a tough field to be in that requires a lot of focus, dedication and unwavering attitude to the point if you get knocked down or face an obstacle you can recenter and come up with a solution, This challenge is what I live for as a natural competitor.
Some more recent background about me though is that I am a transfer student who was originally a base engineering major at Borough of Manhattan community college and throughout my 2 and a half years there I was able to maintain about a 3.3 GPA throughout. I also currently work two jobs throughout the week, usually during the days I don’t have class and on the weekends. In addition to that I participate in team sports and like to be in the gym whenever I get the chance to work on my secondary craft. Which I believe even further showcases my hard working mentality, the fact that I am capable of multitasking and handling a lot of different things at once while still being efficient. After originally being a base engineering major I decided to narrow my focus towards Biomedical engineering for many reasons, for one the human body and health has always intrigued me, always seeing myself doing something within it. This fascination and want to be a part of the medical field I believe was cultivated because of the long history of medical problems within not only my immediate but also my extended family. Seeing these ailments affect the people around me that I love sparked the fire to want to help people in a similar situation to them to the best of my abilities. The best course of action of how I will achieve this is by completing my time at CCNY obtaining my degree then picking a medical school to obtain my graduate degree. During that time I also want to do some form of internship offered for my field that will help me gain practical experience which I feel is extremely necessary when you plan on working on real people in the future. After completing school fully I plan on working on designing medical devices for hospitals to better aid the health care professionals. I recently learned there is a nanotechnology Subdepartment within the BME department at CCNY which I plan on taking full advantage of to learn even more. As that is the main goal of mine is to help aid in the development of an even greater nanotechnology to help aid people. The reason for me choosing nanotechnology is one because it isn’t a super over-saturated field and two because simply I believe wholeheartedly that it is the future of medicine. Being able to have microscopic helpers that fulfill the goal of repairing things within the human body that no regular sized tool or instrument can be used is going to impact the world.