To: Juan Rodriguez, Supervisor Allied Universal
From:Truthful Ward, employee
Date: 09/17/2022
Subject: Lack of seating for security guards working stationary positions.

The purpose of this memo is to bring to the attention and possibly reconcile the lack of seating for security positions in which the guard will only be in one spot without doing perimeter checks, while also informing why having seating for said positions is very helpful.

Summary: Allied Universal is one of the most prominent security companies in the United States that offers a plethora of both technological and professional security positions for many different high level buildings and retail stores. Most of these positions consist of many perimeter patrols to maintain the security of whatever structure the guard is stationed at. A small yet equally important percentage of these positions consist of guards staying in one spot often at a desk with monitors, freight controls, elevator controls and other devices to both insure safety and provide a smoove experience for anyone entering or leaving the building. Despite the stationary nature of this position and the height of the control panel individuals working these desk positions are not permitted to sit or offered seating throughout their shift.

I’ve been working with Allied for about 5 months now and throughout my time working with them I have worked at about 7 different sites. These sites usually had me working stationary desk positions that didn’t require perimeter checks in which I usually viewed a monitor, handled elevator controls or let contractors bring supplies in or or out using the freight controls. Within my time working I have found myself along with other guards and even some guests passing by saying the same thing, “ A chair would sure make things much easier”. As a security guard you’re supposed to be alert at all times and ready for anything. I think this lack of seating for guards would actually do the opposite.

Although standing is a natural human position to be in, standing in one spot can be detrimental to an individual especially if they’re going to be standing there for 8 hours or more. Standing in this manner can be known to cause soreness, muscle fatigue, joint stiffness and if coupled with other factors maybe even cramping. This is a genuine concern because as a security company that is meant to have guards that are in good physical shape, ready for anything and able to respond to any possible issue having all of these different things going on with the guards body would put them at an obvious disadvantage.

That’s where my proposal comes in, since the physical health of the guards is a very important priority so they can ensure that they provide optimal service. I recommend for the coordinators to talk to the building managers that our services are provided and see if they can supply chairs for the guards in positions that require the guard to sit there for the entirety of the shift without perimeter checks.

I appreciate you for lending your ear to this issue, hopefully this memo does well to bring to you the voice of many security guards that may not have the ability to speak for themselves. If you are willing to consider this change I would like to talk further about it. My number is 347-721-1962 and my email is